Unlock the Power of ATSC 3.0 with BitPath’s easy-to-use Development Kit

BitPath’s Development Kit is designed for both developers and application end-users to tap into the power of ATSC 3.0 rolling out across the U.S.
User friendly gateway to the full range of datacasting possibilities leveraging the immense power of the broadcast data network.


Turnkey Solution:

    Configurable Settings: The kit can quickly be set up and deployed to operate in any launched BitPath market.
    Easy Integration: Seamlessly integrate with your applications using a Redis-based publish-subscribe system.
    Flexible Use Cases: From PNT services to datacasting, the kit is versatile enough for a range of applications.
    Open-Source Parser: Access to our GitHub for customization,offering you more control over your projects.

Developer Kit Contents:

    Raspberry Pi (Model 4B)
    Sony ATSC Tuner
    u-blox F9 GNSS Module
    u-blox GPS Antenna
    12V Power Cable
    Complete Software Libraries and Drivers
    Quick Start Guide

Development Kit Specs:

    Mechanical: 232.4 mm x 140 mm x 51.2mm
    CPU: Quad-Core ARM Processor
    Memory: 4 GB SDRAM
    Storage: microSD
    USB (external): 2x USB 2.0, serial debug port (via microUSB)
    Antenna Connectors: ATSC; GPS
    Power Inputs: 12V DC; 5V DC (backup)


Application Use Cases

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    Precision Agriculture

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    Public Safety

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    Drone Delivery and survey

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    Internet of Things

  • Autonomous vehicle navigation

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Technical Support

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    48-Hour Response Time via email or phone

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    6-Month Warranty on hardware components

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    Comprehensive assistance for software-related issues via our GitHub page

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