Get to Know BitPath – We are the leaders in ATSC 3.0 Broadcast Data Services

BitPath is the broadcaster-owned venture focused exclusively on leveraging ATSC 3.0 network to create new data centric revenue streams for television broadcasters.



Our Vision - Leading the Revolution in Broadcast Data Networks

Our vision is to be at the forefront of the wireless revolution, harnessing the power of ATSC 3.0 to establish a nationwide broadcast data network.
We aim to be the leading provider of innovative datacasting applications & solutions, serving a vast network of devices and meeting the escalating demand for wireless data in the U.S.

The BitPath Mission

The BitPath Mission deliver an innovative wireless platform, built upon an efficient broadcast architecture, designed to meet the escalating demand for data services.

We strive to provide our customers with a new wireless experience that can serve a vast network of devices simultaneously, addressing the exploding demand for wireless data services in the U.S.


Who We Are

Bitpath, formed in 2018 as a joint venture between Sinclair Broadcast Group and Nexstar Media, was created to provide broadcast data services in the US via ATSC 3.0 television


Sinclair is a diversified media company and leading provider of local sports and news. The Company owns and/or operates 23 regional sports network brands; owns, operates and/or provides services to 191 television stations in 89 markets; is a leading local news provider in the country; owns multiple national networks; and has TV stations affiliated with all the major broadcast networks.
Sinclair’s content is delivered via multiple-platforms, including over-the-air, multi-channel video program distributors, and digital platforms. The Company regularly uses its website as a key source of Company information which can be accessed at www.sbgi.net.

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    Chris Ripley

    President and CEO of Sinclair Broadcast Group, Inc.


Nexstar Media Group is a leading diversified media company that leverages localism to bring new services and value to consumers and advertisers through its traditional media, digital and mobile media platforms.
Nexstar owns, operates, programs or provides sales and other services to 197 television stations and related digital multicast signals reaching 115 markets or approximately 39% of all U.S. television households (reflecting the FCC’s UHF discount).
Nexstar’s portfolio includes primary affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC, FOX, MyNetworkTV and The CW. Nexstar’s community portal websites offer additional hyper-local content and verticals for consumers and advertisers, allowing audiences to choose where, when and how they access content while creating new revenue opportunities.
Nexstar also owns WGN America, a growing national general entertainment cable network and a 31.3% ownership stake in TV Food Network, a top-tier cable asset. For more information please visit www.nexstar.tv.

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    Perry Sook

    Chairman, President and CEO of Nexstar Media Group, Inc.


Meet the Bitpath Leadership Team


John Hane

President and CEO


Sasha Javid



Rudy Sultana

Chief Data Scientist


Tom Mikkelsen

Chief Transition Director

━ ATSC 3.0

ATSC 3.0 Backgrounder

● ATSC 3.0 is the world’s first Internet Protocol (IP)-based broadcast standard. Now that television is an application that rides on any capable IP data network, broadcasters are abandoning proprietary systems and building application-agnostic IP native facilities. With ATSC 3.0, any kind of data files or streams that can be delivered on the Internet can be broadcast as seamlessly and ubiquitously as television programming.

● Because the broadcasts are IP native, any data transmitted by an ATSC 3.0 television station can be seamlessly integrated with services provided by or data transmitted over any other IP network. IP broadcasting can be integrated with other IP services, and vice versa, to create new capabilities and services that might otherwise might not be practical or possible.

● For more information on the ATSC standard, please visit the ATSC website at atsc.org